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Teton Lake Elopement

Information + Tips for the best Grand Teton Elopement Locations: Jackie Krueger Photo

Grand Teton National Park has quickly become one of my favorite locations in the United States! As an adventure elopement photographer whose entire job revolves around beautiful locations, that’s a big deal!

If this blog has reached you, then you are more than likely contemplating a Teton wedding!

Researching elopement locations is a tough feat! So, let me save you a little bit of time by giving you a list of my top four Grand Teton Elopement Locations!

READY OR NOT… Let’s dive right in!

Top Four Grand Teton Elopement Locations


Before I start listing these Grand Teton National Park locations, there are a few things that are important to note about them and the park as a whole!

Each of these locations is very easily accessible. If these spots don’t interest you, there are plenty of others. However, not all of them are easily navigated. Make sure you look into the accessibility levels beforehand… Especially if you are inviting guests.

Because of its national park status, permits are needed. Make sure to check with the park service to see what permits are required for the particular spots you choose.

The Tetons are a site to see during any season and the park is open year-round. With mountainous national parks, 365-day access is very hard to come by. So, that is a serious plus! That being said, keep in mind the summer/fall months are considered high season so be prepared for crowds unless you plan your elopement for sunrise!

ONE | Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher Landing is a highly sought location in Grand Teton National Park. Honestly, for good reason!

Only a few steps away from the parking lot is an incredible landscape view of the mountains. This Grand Teton elopement location is a little bit harder to access in the winter months. However, if you’re up for a little snowshoe or cross-country adventure, this would be the perfect spot!

The best part? You’ll most likely have it all to yourself.

As of 2022, this location requires a permit. Again, make sure you look into permits before planning your entire elopement around that spot!

TWO | Beaver Dam Sunrise

Just a short walk from the Schwabacher Landing parking lot is Beaver Dam Sunrise in Grand Teton National Park.

If you are looking for the perfect lake reflection of the Tetons in your photo, this is your spot. We were here around 4 PM and there wasn’t another soul in sight. A great spot for a picnic with the family!

THREE | Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls

While you can technically hike to Hidden Falls in Teton National Park, the boat ride experience is truly something special. It gives you a whole new perspective of the Tetons. Let me tell you that it is INCREDIBLE! Also, this is a great opportunity for some extra fun couples photos.

The boat ride is $20 for a round-trip ticket.

The last boat leaves at 4 PM from the trailhead, so make sure to wrap up your session/elopement or you’ll have to hike a bit a couple of extra miles back to Jenny Lake visitors center.

When you arrive at the West Shore boat dock, you’ll hike one approx 1 mile to the falls with about 200 feet of gain.

The trail is well maintained and would be a great option to bring family members. Another option is to hike up to Inspiration Point (an extra 1 mile of hiking) for an overlook photo of the lake.

FOUR | Signal Mountain Marina

Just south of the Signal Mountain campground is a boating dock and beach with the most stunning views of the Northern Peaks in the Tetons.

With its dreamy views, this is one of my favorite lakes in the whole park!

BONUS Grand Teton Elopement Locations and Information

Blacktail Ponds Overlook

I am not a morning person, so let me be the first to say I know it can be a little pain fun to wake up for sunrise, but I promise you’ll want to check to see the Tetons at sunrise off your bucket list.

It was SO magical.

When the sun rises, the light hits the Tetons perfectly, changing from this soft golden to bright pink to bright orange. I have not photographed an elopement here, but this would be a great location for sunrise!

Delta Lake

If you love to hike and don’t mind a little challenge for your elopement, this is for you. While this is a rather steep hike, the views are entirely worth it for the most EPIC backdrop of the Grand Teton for your Elopement. This hike is about 8 miles round trip, so packing enough water and snacks is essential. If you can brave the cold water, finish off your big day with a dip!

Whichever location you decide for your big day, just know you can’t go wrong in Grand Teton National Park. As always, please remember the leave-no-trace principles when exploring these beautiful landscapes. 

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October 25, 2022

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October 25, 2022

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