Patagonia Adventure Elopement Planning Guide

Patagonia Adventure Elopement Photos at the Fitz Roy

From an Experienced Backpacker and Photographer

Patagonia Adventure Elopement

Planning a Patagonia adventure elopement? Hell yes! I already know it’s going to be an incredible adventure. Patagonia is a place of breathtaking beauty, with its awe-inspiring landscapes and untamed wilderness. Get ready for an intimate and unforgettable wedding experience. With it’s unending beauty comes a long list of questions about how to elope in Patagonia.

Consider these ideas to make your Patagonia adventure elopement truly special:

ONE | Choose a jaw-dropping location for Patagonia adventure elopement

Patagonia is filled with stunning locations for your Patagonia adventure elopement. I would first into places like Torres del Paine National Park, El Chalten or Los Glaciares National Park. These locations are in or close to a nearby city. Laguna de Los Tres (aka the Fitz Roy) is an incredible location for a backpacking elopement. It is also well worth the climb! If you are looking for another epic backdrop without having endure a strenuous hike, I would recommend the Condor Lookout trail in Torres del Paine. You will have a stellar view of the Grande Paine in the background! Fun fact: this is one of Patagonia’s most photographed landscapes! See photo below.

Map of El Chalten

These natural wonders offer majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and captivating glaciers that will leave you in awe! Both of the above hikes can be found in the links below. AllTrails is my favorite app to use for any adventure elopement!

You can view the Condor Lookout trail here!

You can view the Laguna de Los Tres (Fitz Roy) hike here!

TWO | Find your dream ceremony spot

Picture exchanging vows on a mountain peak, beside a serene lake, or in front of a majestic glacier. Patagonia offers a variety of breathtaking backdrops that will make your wedding truly extraordinary! It is important to choose a place that truly resonates with you. The beautiful scenery is endless, so make sure to chose a location that fits exactly what you’re looking for! We backpacked to Laguna de Les Tres (the Fitz Roy) for Alex and Selina’s epic adventure! See photos below and throughout this post.

Patagonia mountain elopement at Laguna de los tres

THREE | Embrace Adventure

Patagonia is an adventurer’s paradise. Add some excitement to your elopement by incorporating outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, or even exploring a glacier. Let the wild beauty of Patagonia be a part of your celebration. Patagonia is perfect for couple’s that want that rugged outdoor experience. Weather is unpredictable in Patagonia. So make sure you are ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at you!

FOUR | Elopement Assistance is KEY

Working with an elopement photographer that has been and experienced Patagonia can make a world of difference. As someone who has been to Patagonia, I have a little insider knowledge to help you with permits, logistics, and discovering hidden gems. Let me take care of the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on enjoying your special day. I personally provide my couple’s with a detailed Elopement Guide that is specific to Patagonia! This will help you get started and keep you organized as you prepare for your big day.

Want to learn how to prepare for a hiking elopement? Check this blog post with loads of hiking preparation tips

FIVE | Capture the natural magic

Hiring a skilled photographer who specializes in outdoor weddings is essential. A BIG plus if they are well versed in backpacking and hiking, especially in a rugged place like Patagonia. It’s important to choose someone who will beautifully document the stunning landscapes and precious moments, ensuring your memories last a lifetime. My personal approach is capturing the moment. I keep things as candid as possible so you’re not thinking about the camera. I want you to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in the experience and then I will document every moment and detail from there.

For Alex and Selina’s elopement, they were thrown some pretty harsh winds and cold weather. Snow decided to come a little early that day, so we pivoted and still had an incredible experience! We had multiple backup plans, pushed through the tough weather and it worked out beautifully!

SIX | Legal details + travel tips

If you’re getting married in a foreign country, it’s important to research and fulfill the legal requirements. Getting married in your country of origin prior to visiting Patagonia is the easiest way to make things official. But, if you want to legally marry and do all your paperwork in Patagonia, it is possible. This will require a trip to the US Embassy in Santiago and could be a lengthy process. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and follow the local regulations to make your marriage official. If you want to chat further about this process, reach out through my contact form here! I’d be happy to walk you through.

Make sure to get your passport at least 14 weeks ahead of time. The standard processing time is currently 10-13 weeks. You can apply for a passport here.

Flying- the earlier you book your flights, the better (and cheaper). I highly recommend finding flights with minimal layovers. If you have a layover, make sure it’s at least 3 hours. International flights typically have delays and there is nothing more inconvenient than missing your connecting flight. I had 2 hours in-between my connecting flights to Patagonia and I still found myself running to the next plane. Delays are inevitable but there are ways to work around them!

SEVEN | Immerse in the local culture

Patagonia is rich in culture and traditions. Consider incorporating elements of the local heritage, cuisine, or music into your elopement. It will infuse your celebration with a sense of authenticity and create lasting memories. I love using duolingo to help practice my Spanish before trips to Patagonia! It’s free and easy to learn.

I highly recommend trying Patagonian roasted lamb, empanadas and alfajores are a must try when you are down there. This most recent trip while I was staying in El Calafate, I stumbled upon Alfajores Koonek and they were incredible!

Your Patagonia adventure elopement is a unique opportunity to celebrate your love surrounded by the untamed beauty of nature. So, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey together!

Elopement Packages

I am a Destination elopement photographer who specializes in Patagonia adventure elopements. I am now booking elopements for 2023-2024!

What’s included in my Patagonia Elopement Packages–

  • 8 hours- 2 full days of photography coverage
  • A personalized elopement planning guide including location recommendations, lodging, vendors, permits, licensing info, timelines and so much more
  • Online gallery with full resolution images – every photo is yours to keep
  • Sneak Peak within 2-3 days
  • All travel fees included anywhere in Patagonia
  • Complimentary personalized wedding album
  • Starting at $6500.

Ready to start planning your Patagonia Adventure Elopement? Let’s DO IT!

July 15, 2023

Written By:

Meet Jackie Krueger Photo | Your van-living, adventure-seeking, outdoor-living, Las Vegas + PNW elopement photographer. Documenting moments you can feel. Let's plan up something amazing and authentically YOU!






July 15, 2023

Written By: 

Jackie Krueger Photo- A Las Vegas + PNW Elopement and Wedding Photographer. Documenting every couple's unique love story and true authentic selves here, there and everywhere in between. Where will your GRAND adventure take you?






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