Vintage Inspired Vegas Wedding at Sure Thing Chapel

Vanda + Attila flew all the way from the UK for their Vegas Elopement at Sure Thing Chapel. They took in all of the downtown Vegas excitement while keeping things classy and having so much fun the entire time. It was such a pleasure getting to meet them and documenting their special day.

Las Vegas is known for its quick and unconventional wedding options, and Sure Thing Chapel caters to couples looking for a fun, vintage and efficient way to tie the knot. Here's what you might expect:

Convenience: Sure Thing Chapel in Las Vegas offers convenient and hassle-free wedding packages. They are designed to make the process easy and straightforward, allowing you to get married without extensive planning.

Impersonal Yet Fun: This chapel handles multiple weddings a day, so the experience might feel somewhat impersonal compared to a traditional wedding. However, they are usually known for providing a light-hearted and fun atmosphere, catering to couples who want a quick and lighthearted wedding.

Themed Weddings: Las Vegas is famous for its themed weddings, and Sure Thing Chapel offers various themes like Elvis-themed weddings (they have a female Elvis woo!), retro weddings, or even sci-fi-inspired ceremonies.

Quick Ceremonies: The wedding ceremonies in these chapels are typically short and sweet, often lasting just a few minutes. They focus on exchanging vows and rings without extensive religious or ceremonial rituals.

Witness Services: If you don't have witnesses, the chapel provides them for you to meet legal requirements for a marriage. AND if you have a photographer with you (hey, that's me!) you already have both of your witnesses.

Photo Opportunities: Not only does this chapel allow you to bring a photographer of your choice with you for your ceremony. Sure Thing Chapel has a photo booth as well! The first set of prints are free, but you can take as many as you'd like

Minimal Planning: If you're looking for a minimal planning experience, getting married at a Las Vegas chapel Sure Things an ideal choice. Most of the arrangements can be made in advance, or you can simply walk in and get married on the spot.

Marriage License: You'll need to obtain a marriage license from the Clark County Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas before your wedding day. This can typically be obtained quickly and easily.

Overall, getting married at Sure Thing Chapel or any other Las Vegas wedding chapel can be a fun and spontaneous experience, perfect for couples who prefer a non-traditional and memorable wedding day!

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